Something music for an empty room decorated in 1 day old of dust, hey sorry is the microphone working, can you hear me?

I don’t know if we shiver in dreams but take the spiral tips of the tops of a shiver and make that the strings
Make the piano a harbour shaped thumb through a window made out of the population of an outside-faraway forgotten feeling, obscure and warm sometimes, always unwinding, somewhere -

- The synthetic intonations will take care of themselves like a thick layer of concept, the coastlines of your convictions making out to each-other a few words recalled from a speech given by the sky as their sandy endings sweltered hot in the in the in the in the in the – rest -

If you think long enough with little fluster then maybe you might hear her sing, and you won’t wake up fathoming, like the distance between your ears; measured apostrophes in a non-pressing way, always reassuring without, the night plunders left-over light, no worry -

Go support the label called Home Normal in Tokyo, this imperfect experience from Konntinent - sounding like 100% green lights and prospective motions, touching y x zzz, anything to properly behold, to which you may now switch-!


fingertips music

  • Find music of similar rhythm and tempo as your thoughts and heartbeats in the moments in which you are able to live and see clearly
  • Listen to everyone’s music
  • Make happen the music you want to be
  • Become independent music at each junction
  • Do not confuse new music for real music
  • Let music happen
  • Don’t listen to music because you listen to music
  • Only call it music if it does something to your heartbeat

Today’s winner is Leo Kalyan and his slick haircut lyrics on fingertips    above


Interrupting you with the internation of Gnosis

Hats and devices off to the music that could make something happen if it weren’t so what it was on the internet with no numbers to make it easily available>>
I Bandcamp’d and searched for music tagged “sound design”.>>
It’s easy to get bogged down within a quick-becoming relentless search for the thing or artist that you somewhere want, you put in a load of tags over the course of an hour of hours to brief but unsustainable avail, you end up feeling elsewhere.
Today I didn’t do that but rather I just picked a tag and went deep into impulse instead of wide into wandering / waiting / willing / wanting /

Here’s a short-paragraph that I am determined be part of an agenda that aims to establish the connection and association between things that consciously happen at the same time – an agenda that would disallow music reviews from being mere mediators, MEDIA, like everything journalistic that’s telling you to believe something that could be more true and more real if only we got around to spending more time, increasing our attention spans and actually engaging / listening in to the situation, without distraction.

Here’s another (less) short-paragraph along the same lines [Big up Gnosis and your inspirational music that has helped another music listener, another intellectual get on with something while we wait until he feels comfortable. This intellectual wanders over seemingly looking at his nose and playing with his face, his spectacles / he drifts into this great conversation I am having with a flustered Name I can't remember.. he injects his breathless words with a mouth in my direction, his eyes in the other ... "we need to deconstruct the intellectual hegemony" ... we all breathe in and look at the sky ... "don'twe?" ... / My imagination hugs him and we go off walking together aligning with the nearby white cliffs as we finish off our glasses of white wine before we return to the wedding anniversary to drink more, my imagination's enough to keep my conversation going; Name-forgotten and I continue getting to know each other without further interruption]

Maybe it’s called Gnosis? And I’ve been waiting sometimes for months.

Soon Enough

Welcome to a friend a few minutes of folk – Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles – a release coming soon, beyond Aug in Sep, on the fourth, the third word beginning with f..f..f..far away this preview takes me, Soon Enough, or maybe it fortifies me within some best beloved same good fresh air place, where each beginning of each sentence sounds familiar. All I know is… All I know is! Erin through the speakers has a way of self-control / outward-collateral in her pronunciations and her message / their meanings in between the words as much as contained. And the band’s whole noise is well directed, reminding me of all sorts of objects like distant hammocks and platforms and comfortable kitchen floors, the kind of objects that are keepers, good folk, looking forward – these minutes signal something to look forward to once August passes once more.

The song exclusively premiered around this time last month on Diffuser.fm 

Rallying peacefuls for Spicules

The air that my evening’s breathing crunches into before it blinks and looks for a moment upwards

Into the the window skies

This Je t’embrasse reminds me of a room in which I have not been yet, in which the walls are light in which my feet process their left, right, left again again, right once more, reminding me through the vast thin window … a city of trees … a distant wash conducted like hands between hands between hands between people between moments in which I dance within an unexplored quite unexperienced room, tiny bits of doorframe hide behind a few photographs of a few companions stuck with melody on the horizontal string. I am a hanging ballet shoe, too small for Monday evenings, only just fitted into by a memory recurring around the skull-area beneath the loving eyebrow

I am raised

Click back again, to the first track

This Slowly, Everything Washes Away motivates you to continue briefly away from the path through the fields and eventually beside the sea that you usually find yourself taking. Instead your arms and chest dilly and heave friendly, the maze of your mental health flattens a little and the curt things like a syntax, like those bubbly interrupted dreams, just breathe in and relax a little. you make good on a comfortable surface and you don’t think so much not but actually never contacting the outside enough it’s alright… It’s alright, it’s okay because the car’s still parked and the roof is still fitted well like the toast within the toast holder

oh, we must move on again,
To make a comment more generally about this selection of songs with the album art above called Even Deeper by Spicules 

so here’s a more generally comment just saying – hi, hey, you’re fine, you’ve done good, thank-you for my just-ending meditation, on behalf of all of use who are listening, keep playing the piano the way you do, and the recordings are beautiful: the way of the ambience, you found it and now I’m finding it too and maybe we all are actually



Collective1 and Kanye West

Starting from Wizards Collective Vol. 1

I was a small snap
fucked and now just
a virtue
covered in pins

“But take a look at what I am trying to sell you on, as a fellow parent, when it comes to Kanye West and these kids of ours. He isn’t 100% role model. But he’s got some amazing role model qualities. Sure, even then you might not want to stop hating on Mr. West. It’s just so damn easy.

But then again … who knows? Stranger stuff has happened.

Just hear me out.

1. Kanye inspires people (maybe not you, but still …)

Kanye West, and all Kanye West-types, and by types I mean wildly-talented humans whose own social compasses that may possibly be a bit banged up from so many deep and artsy thoughts pinging off of them for the last 20 years or so: these sorts of artists aren’t meant to be grinning dumbly at you from behind the counter down at the Jiffy Lube or whatever. These are go-getters. They are the rare and much-needed providers of art and entertainment, and for every one of them that you or I say we hate — because they act this way or seem arrogant or whatever — I can absolutely guarantee you there is another one who acts exactly the same and who we are devoted fans of because we dig their records or films or books.”

Moving onto Sum Tapes


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