Soon Enough

Welcome to a friend a few minutes of folk – Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles – a release coming soon, beyond Aug in Sep, on the fourth, the third word beginning with f..f..f..far away this preview takes me, Soon Enough, or maybe it fortifies me within some best beloved same good fresh air place, where each beginning of each sentence sounds familiar. All I know is… All I know is! Erin through the speakers has a way of self-control / outward-collateral in her pronunciations and her message / their meanings in between the words as much as contained. And the band’s whole noise is well directed, reminding me of all sorts of objects like distant hammocks and platforms and comfortable kitchen floors, the kind of objects that are keepers, good folk, looking forward – these minutes signal something to look forward to once August passes once more.

The song exclusively premiered around this time last month on 

Rallying peacefuls for Spicules

The air that my evening’s breathing crunches into before it blinks and looks for a moment upwards

Into the the window skies

This Je t’embrasse reminds me of a room in which I have not been yet, in which the walls are light in which my feet process their left, right, left again again, right once more, reminding me through the vast thin window … a city of trees … a distant wash conducted like hands between hands between hands between people between moments in which I dance within an unexplored quite unexperienced room, tiny bits of doorframe hide behind a few photographs of a few companions stuck with melody on the horizontal string. I am a hanging ballet shoe, too small for Monday evenings, only just fitted into by a memory recurring around the skull-area beneath the loving eyebrow

I am raised

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This Slowly, Everything Washes Away motivates you to continue briefly away from the path through the fields and eventually beside the sea that you usually find yourself taking. Instead your arms and chest dilly and heave friendly, the maze of your mental health flattens a little and the curt things like a syntax, like those bubbly interrupted dreams, just breathe in and relax a little. you make good on a comfortable surface and you don’t think so much not but actually never contacting the outside enough it’s alright… It’s alright, it’s okay because the car’s still parked and the roof is still fitted well like the toast within the toast holder

oh, we must move on again,
To make a comment more generally about this selection of songs with the album art above called Even Deeper by Spicules 

so here’s a more generally comment just saying – hi, hey, you’re fine, you’ve done good, thank-you for my just-ending meditation, on behalf of all of use who are listening, keep playing the piano the way you do, and the recordings are beautiful: the way of the ambience, you found it and now I’m finding it too and maybe we all are actually



Collective1 and Kanye West

Starting from Wizards Collective Vol. 1

I was a small snap
fucked and now just
a virtue
covered in pins

“But take a look at what I am trying to sell you on, as a fellow parent, when it comes to Kanye West and these kids of ours. He isn’t 100% role model. But he’s got some amazing role model qualities. Sure, even then you might not want to stop hating on Mr. West. It’s just so damn easy.

But then again … who knows? Stranger stuff has happened.

Just hear me out.

1. Kanye inspires people (maybe not you, but still …)

Kanye West, and all Kanye West-types, and by types I mean wildly-talented humans whose own social compasses that may possibly be a bit banged up from so many deep and artsy thoughts pinging off of them for the last 20 years or so: these sorts of artists aren’t meant to be grinning dumbly at you from behind the counter down at the Jiffy Lube or whatever. These are go-getters. They are the rare and much-needed providers of art and entertainment, and for every one of them that you or I say we hate — because they act this way or seem arrogant or whatever — I can absolutely guarantee you there is another one who acts exactly the same and who we are devoted fans of because we dig their records or films or books.”

Moving onto Sum Tapes


for less


you”ll think i.e. /ve thought / something similar

PART /: you”ll think i.e.

On 13th December 2014, EXPLORER released MEMORIES/FANTASY. It’s a timeless number; each track could be the soundtrack to a prolonging deja-vu: the good kind though: the one in which you exclaim with a jerk of the knee because you just found things did what things did because you love what you love and you’re just big happy that the time passed without being reminded of something random like the fact that you’re never gonna ____ and that things are never going to ____

Like the feeling you get when your head gets swaying and the weather’s out loud and the thoughts don’t even need to try

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That Wave

A sure fire way to catch this blogger’s intention is to submit music that sounds somehow similar to Modest Mouse or Broken Social Scene. These are no easily pleased feet; those two bands possess a subtlety in terms of their popularity and appeal. This artist does the latter. And it’s a tongue in my cheek that lets me blindly open a complementary post on a budding multi-instrumentalist with a band drop; a ‘similar artist’ spin. Something about doing that seems so shit these days. Every real moment of multi-music sounds like itself, not like something else… At least, that’s something I’d say to the 20xx idealist who sits in my ears and who wants everything green grey and blue, good, closable, true. So let’s move on

The first song picked me up on “I’ve found a middle way”. It then did a fifth dimensional thing and refrained and made “I’ve found a middle way” its refrain, no-one even asked it too, but it did so anyway and did it keenly into the grooves of an evening lull, now loving once more.
Found a middle way And it’s that way that has me on the third song of a collection called Keep Riding That Wave, that middle way, and I’m looking back at you, editing back at you, leaving enough time to progress and evolve, invisibly pressing enter again – it has me one the fourth song and the drums are in, that’s it, I’m soul’d: listen, burn it onto a disc, put it somewhere safe. AHH!

‘I’m soul’d’ I literally wrote that almost entirely because I was listening and I was singing along and the lyrics were saying something like “she’s alone”, which somehow sound some some kind of similarity between the syllables of being sold on something and of being alone retrospectively singing along in something like prose. This one’s got summer written all over it, the mechanics for your time machine in which songs are written and released unleashed in November and heard in June – you got it. Get it. Got it good ok SoundCloud where I listened. Bandcamp where you download^

Joppa Road, June [14th, 24th, xth]

June 14

Imagine shimagine, light drizzle, check you’ve got your keys wallet and some imaginary friend
imaginary shimaginary

is the rhyme in your palm beneath your fingers, clutched, the rhyming sound between your ears and your eyes when you’re learning to listen intently and you’re letting the other person’s thoughts and non-thoughts pour into your place.

without interruption

so let’s keep it short; keys, wallet, post, k, k, k;
and call these the musings of a man driving on Joppa Road, released in 1994 by Ween

s”you look great today”

June 24

“Honey you look great today”

It’s usually a huge trip when I wake up as I realise that the world still exists and all my memories and questions are still milling round a waiting room I came across the night before horizontal scraping at the air with two hands and one pillow, trying to wake up now feeling as real as trying to get to sleep.

The world needs no more metaphors, it already is one – two thoughts I had wander into a kitchen and sit down, sip quietly, circular dreams stirring and stirring and stirring until one breaks, the other listens.

If people want to put words to my music, that’s fine. If people want to dream to my music, that’s fine. There’s a thing about being really direct with your lyrics and there’s a thing about being indirect.

There’s an interview with Aaron Freeman from Ween on Nerdist where he talks about receiving creative input and critique from his son.

There’s this song which you can kind of tell is a cup of tea outside in the howling sea-howling wind on a stall and there’s this song which you can kind of tell is track 14 on a compilation CD or a beginning of side B on a cassette where the destination is a person or a place, the vehicle is a thought, stirring.

June x

Where all the word things go, the shapes you’d happily survey and scour like an imaginary line in the far distant sky. When you’re less heavily weighted on the waiting room of words, worlds of worlds of worlds before the moment in which things go hum

I hear Joppa Road playing lightly in my head, you do, we all do when we’re not listening to it. Every song has its wake and this one makes waking up easier, this one makes the numbers months and things days of the week easier, and the words, the words are easier somehow right now, but who wants easier?, as I imagine the fact that I will be able to listen to something


in the future; something with borders that go without saying, songs that go without saying, it inevitably turns June again, still listening?