2 years old!

A Pocket Full Of Seeds.com has been around for 2 whole years as of today! It’s been a lot of fun and may it long continue. Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, I hope it has been worth your time.

And we start the year with big massive huge exciting news: A Pocket Full Of Seeds is going to be doing gigs this year! Check out the flyer.


We are delighted to be working alongside Joe Bloggers who have done nights with The Blue Walrus, Faded Glamourand Flying With Anna. The plan is to throw a gig every month at The Cavern in Exeter which is a GREAT venue and we couldn’t be happier. As well as working with such excellent bands as Ahab and 14th it has been a pleasure to get some old friends on the bill in the form of E. C. Dawson and The Caulfield Beats.

So really there is no excuse for this not to be a killer year! Put the date (Feb 16th) in your diary, I’ll be there picking a few choice musical morsels in between sets  so this could be your long awaited chance to buy me a drink.



Fantastically ramshackle folky blues rockers with some screamingly good vocal harmonies threaded through the beautiful sounds. (website)

E. C. Dawson

Our good friend Elliot is the ideal opener for our first crack at curating and DJ-ing a night. Nothing I can say that I haven’t already before. Listen, enjoy and support.


So there you have it! Lots to chew on, make the most of it. I’m just about to sit down and give the blog a bit of a redesign. If this is your first time here then add us on Facebook and Twitter, it’s very easy and increases our bragging rights.



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