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Communion Records – Flowerpot Sessions


Communion Records are a secret driving force behind some of the most popular new music being made today. With a eye for the reminiscent yet innovative stylings of musicians such as Matthew and the Atlas, Treetop Fliers and Ben Howard there are few better places to go for today’s take on the folky, bluesy, pop twinged genre which has been irresistible for as long as plaid shirts have.

I really started to prick my ears up to the music Communion were putting out when they signed To Kill A King who are a band you must see this Summer while the sun is shining and before they take off as they certainly will.  Communion have capitalised on my pricked ears with the release of The Flowerpot Sessions. Recorded in 7 days with a host of  musicians, known and unknown, this is very much a record which embraces the spontaneous and the creative side of music.

The music ranges from the gentle and so so pretty acoustic tunes which Communion have built their name around to the stunningly strong vocals of Kyla La Grange as well as Damian Rice covering the Grease soundtrack with Angus and Julia Stone, right through to the finale of rabble rousing rasping of Beans On Toast.

Featuring covers, collaborations and more than enough fantastic music to soundtrack a summer Communion have managed to capture the great sense of excitement and the enthusiasm for the way they approach music but at the same time they are pushing it forward and with each step success seems to be waiting for them.


It kills me that none of the songs are cleared for blog posts but if you felt like buying a record on a hunch and a nod from a stranger then you certainly wont regret it.


Calm before the storm.

If I post again this time tomorrow please don’t read it because I will be very drunk. Exhausted, relieved, possibly sunburnt and drunk. But before I proceed to take pleasure in the transgression of the expectations of what is socially legitimate behaviour I must endure a bit of hard graft. Essentially I need to concentrate from now till bed then again tomorrow from breakfast till afternoon. Student life is so ridiculous.

Anyway till then we have a mix which starts studious and then vomits all over the carpet.

Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home (Jernalism remix)

Thanks to Chillstep.infofor playing gobsmackers like this

Other Lives – For 12


Cymbals – Single Printed Name


Gobble Gobble – Lawn Knives

Min1 m1x


I can see light. Exams are nearly done, meetings about next year are about to be out of the way, various deals have been confirmed, some people are dicks and others are life savers.


Civil Civic – C27

[audio:|titles=03 C27|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]

[ From debut EP 1, please go help them put an album out]


Aloo – TreiToTrei

[audio:|titles=01 TreiToTrei|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000 ]

[Free EP]


The Powder Kegs – The Amanicans

[audio:|titles=The Powder Kegs - The Amanicans|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]



The Wild Mercury Sound – Hope There’s Someone (Antony and Johnsons cover)

Start of Sunday [neue geotic ep post]

Geotic – Clear Light

[audio:|titles=04 Clear Light|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]

Geotic – Illusory Body

[audio:|titles=03 Illusory Body|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]

Weisenfeld released a new EP for his side-project last night called Bless The Self - download the EP here

Geotic creates a whole new world, a new atmosphere, a new vision. Smoothing edges to the jagged mountainous mind; he applies rain to the dry, and warmth to the cold. Increasing lifeful feeling inside, he increases Sunday. Great great great ambient sound. This Ep is sounding miraculous on the first-five-listens. It’s definitely continuous; there’s a continous steady rhythm of throbbing kick drum throughout. It reminds me of my xxGFxx’s heartbeat. Happy times

Geotic – Isolated Mind

[audio:|titles=02 Isolated Mind|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]

Geotic – Isolated Speech

[audio:|titles=01 Isolated Speech|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]


love Holy Other/ May Mix 10

Holy Other – Yr Love

[audio:|titles=YR LOVE|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]

download With U out soon

Holy Other, a ‘Mancunian who lives in Berlin’ i.e. before i even hear this music, i like it because I like Mancunians and I like Berlin. Makes some kind of indie electronic experimental ambient stuff ( mentions  ’Witch-House’, that’s kinda cool), so yeah indie electronica experimental ambient and WITCH-HOUSE, i dig it.
It’s like James Blake, but newer. Scrap that, it’s like a mixture of Burial and James Blake, but newer. So er tell your friends, I’ll tell all of mine, all of them, make sure you tell them everything I told you. Let’s take our old hats off and get the Holy Other ball rolling.

I think Holy Other possesses a fine image in his head of an eery atmosphere and he presses it out well and with intelligence; some good computer skills mixed with some concise/profound ideas.

Here’s some minor music to end the whopping 10th mix of this muddly month:

Freedom Voyagers – Break In The Clouds

[audio:|titles=Break in the clouds|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]


Phone Home – Cozy Attack

[audio:|titles=02 cozy attack|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]


Frinton-on-Sea, May 14th

Drawing The Endless Shore – Warming Morning Raindrops

[audio:|titles=02 Warm Morning Raindrops|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]


Lulu & The Lampshades – Feet To The Sky

[audio:|titles=Feet to the Sky|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]


Glass Gift – Arrival

[audio:|titles=01 Arrival|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]