6 mins and 30 secs of live recording, i.e. Hands are the organs of feeling

1. Like Pop Music. 2. Have friends. 3. There’s no harm in recording words, sharing words.
Ok I’m finding these ones difficult not to not get at the moment as you can possibly see. Before I start, can I just draw your attention to the opening riff of this live performance. Literally, just draw everything to that first opening mouth opening after play clicking. Anyway, let’s do that sharing thing^>

Her vocals are completely beautiful. And the way this recording has her through the interaction of a bar. I’m imagining pubs in the celtic region all the time, that’s the mirage at the moment. I dream of that celtic dwelling and then I think about being something and then I forget I’m thinking.

Her vocals are completely beautiful. Your friend is trying to talk to you but you shh him and then immediately get distracted by the girl sitting a few spaces from you because she reminds you of how your life is still just a nerve ending and then you forget to feel feelings as you turn to steel.

Her vocals are completely beautiful. And then she stops singing and you see the band let rip like forever powering through bullshit obligation’s just a word get over it

And then the whole thing’s over
And then I press play again

Her vocals are completely beautiful. That first forever line of a thought where the intonation’s upward and then wilting so painfully slowly and it’s painful because it catches, it rubs against, sidles up against the feeling of a day ending and things crying or laughing heavily, the intonation keeps shaking, tremolo like my love

I’m forgiven?

Never heard a lyric sound sweeter in this moment right now, is it already Tuesday?
Okay, now we’ve got to the bit where this music’s beyond words, that’s usually where I start.

So I’m happy to share the thought that this song is completely beautiful, each part as intercourse as the other

( (mothers) )

Hear the full set here: I’m going to do that now:
Don’t recommendations go without saying yet?

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