A dark landscape for Apache Jackson

Here’s some transition post, sealed with something heavy in my fingertips, at least, always listening, I know what it is now.

A dose of rugged determination.

Dead-centered units, a heartily crowded scowl.

The scruff of the neck, the dream sweats. As an individual, I am invigorated by this figure of dark pop. Apache Jackson‘s new album called Auto Recall, another appearing blurt on the internet, teased with a track named below, squeezed in between some faded amber lights, emerging in this inky downtown of your long bright facey day. And now, old shard of plate, playing, you’ll find Apache knocking big bad black shades where there was once a drawling nothingness white.

This is mind liquid, murky, synthetic lounge; rugged determination for your walking-ons, your getting-outs, your going-overs. This one’s for someone’s nightlit photography, for multi-headed demons and their unfortunately-moonlit prey, the jazzy images painted with opposites; the sea at the side of the city, where dark congregates in the wonderful worries of streetwise youth, whilst the waves crash, strangely, onwards.

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