A Song about Corner Booths

I was going to do a ‘p.s. post’ on the Egg Lamp charade, partly because I have come across more gute Lieder in the process of hitchhiking and my host driver has the radio on and some epic song comes on and he offers me 7 cigarettes over the course of 200 miles, and then another epic song comes on the radio, and partly because all of the 7 story instalments I wrote on 6th July very very absurdly came basically to real life over the proceeding 2 weeks: the 4 am spontaneous acoustic intimate gig (although it was midnight and it wasn’t acoustic),  the long-life conversation with Hans the homeless man on a platform (*Rolf on a bench), the sunset bus with my reflection on the window, the moustache man (drove me from Rostock to Berlin), the 11 o clock lovers leading me to my crossroads (an amazing couple full of smiles and gave me a bottle full of water for my travels after driving me to the mountains). Shit got real!

So I was going to do a p.s. post, but instead I did the above p.s. blurb to precede a post on something quite different:

Griff’s Room Band and their song Corner Booth. This is a song about wanting corner booths in restaurants, it goes the distance in terms of explaining why this particular place of the restaurant is desirable. It goes 3 minutes without much elevation, not too much greater meaning, just really wanting a corner booth, and all this to the brilliantly mastery of Holloways-like cheerful violins and melodies and liveliness. The kind of golden delirious but happiless song for a golden delirious but happiless day, the good things in life.

This little song summary is not at all to lop-side against the rest of the album on which it appears. A stable 6-straw hat hamper  to jump into and to be carried along within toward a miscellaneous city park where everyone is doing miscellaneous city park things. That is, well rounded folk, “good vibes”, sunshine, lyrics to lull to, to nod to, rock-knocking palm prods, string-lined and strong hearted 3 Men with instruments, yep. Right on.

That last paragraph was describing the 6 song item released this June, Shut The Case. This is music and band I heard about through Lili and the Dirty Moccasins who are supporting GRB at the CD release gig.

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