After-hours dancing in the floodlights

This post was influenced strongly by the IB

Asura – They Will Do Anything

download this to your itunes and put it on repeat so that the duration does not exist


It’s still 1.30am and I’m quenching thirst with thumbnail dance beats. This summer break has been like one aesthetically sculpted mess of prevailing emotions, caught up by the coastguard, trying to get something done, always something to do, prevailing emotions lie shivering in the police station, with a blanket, not neglected. Slightly traumatised dreams.

But the sun’s down, no more guilt shining up my window as I stare at Microsoft Word 2007, all rights fucking reserved, maybe I’ll get out tomorrow morning, maybe I’ll make a song, maybe I’ll feel infinitely free, maybe I’ll momentarily escape ‘the rate of change’,
either way I’ll carry on building my academic tower that will no doubt hopefully end with some form of reward through having that extra something to say at the food table when the “current economic climate” sinks to the conversation, either way I’ll learn something and with hope, write it down.

It’s dark, let’s dance, let’s simplify the dark, intelligent dance songs, no other way forward, take off your face, dance, take out your mind from the glove-box, dance. People are, amongst other simplifications, beings that are simplified and entirely expressed by the implications and explications of rhythm.

on a more accessible and informative note;
Asura is a bloody brilliant guy, previously often mentioned by me on this blog; too much intuitive sense of structured messing for his own good.
Everything you want to know about Ryan is informed on his Asura Project website.
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