By The River

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto – By The River

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In the economy, regardless of recessions and booms and their respective intensities, there is said to be a ‘trend growth rate’. This means that although the growth rate of an economy in the short term may seem to be extremely topsy-turvy and unstable, there is an underlying positive gradient to the growth rate and it becomes apparent in the long-term.

something like this (imagining the non-existent x-axis to represent time):

Governments try to decrease the extent to which the topsy-turvy line is topsy-turvy; they try to make the experience that is trend growth feel more stable and secure. However, this is difficult. There is an unspecified time-lapse between a change implemented by the government (i.e MASS SPENDING CUTS) and its respective effects on the economy. Things take time to really be affected, and the intended effects might implement themselves at precisely the wrong moment – it’s unpredictable and in my opinion uncontrollable. The trend growth line encourages thoughts to the law of averages, the difference between long-term and short-term, and life in general.

For instance, the length of our lives as walking organisms, and the length of its life, the river’s life.

A truly amazing song.


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