Analysis of Karen Bösser’s “I kill-ill You”

Finding forms that need no words
To assert themselves
To desert themse lves
Todays hurt themselves
Two days hurt themselves

One forgets the other
The other forgets to feel
Faint space bar faint goodness
Hes itant Like a
a it’s all a an uphill

Then release
and keep revolving rhythming
And making like the dreams
Have regularity

This one’s good

The amount of words you can compile
The amount of words you can contribute
And then consummate with the word “good”

That’s essentially what analysis is all about

albeit “bad”

Does it matter which one?
Does it matter which one or does it matter simply that something got affected by something else?

Something confronts something else
Something conflicts, converges, controls something else

Finding forms that need no words, finding forms that have them anyway:
Spending time to realise that:
See the above.

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