Annoyed At People Taking Pictures of Ducklings Syndrome

All this post is going to be written listening to Leer, in particular their song called And. The post is gonna end with me trying to talk about genres and then getting confused and then hating the fact there are genres. Basically this post is gonna be like every other post I’ve ever done. But this time, I’m listening to Leer unlike before where I was listening to someone else. Screamo, what?

Things are livening up, and I feel like I have to liven up with them. Let’s think; there’s something genuinely uplifting about seeing loads of goslings (i.e. baby geese, my [i have a] girlfriend didn’t quite know exactly what a gosling was so i put ‘ducklings’ in the title instead). There’s something genuinely uplifting about seeing loads of goslings following geese everyday these days (i do), there’s also something really unstomachably unpleasant about it, something unceasingly uneasing; the latter is always felt with its coinciding with loads of dickheads I see everyday around the goslings, dickheads going up to the goslings with SMART PHONES, taking pictures, getting hissed at by geese mother, causing dickhead to shout, juggling his phone, to bark “it’s hissing! shut up stupid duck!” That’s the annoying thing. I walk away and 48 hours later I’m on an underground train and ‘the annoying thing’ comes up again and it’s not because anyone’s doing anything in particular but it’s because i see someone or a groups of someones who look like the dickheads who barked at mother goose. Then I realise ‘the annoying thing’ isn’t the people around me, but it’s a thing my mind makes up and constantly remembers; annoyance is an illusion of mind. But sometimes I don’t realise this point of meditation, and sometimes there’s something really quite satisfying about that, the ‘annoying thing’ is the people around me and I am always fucking right?

Yeah, that’s right? All that was written listening to music by Leer? All that was written listening to music by Leer. All that could not have been written if I wasn’t listening to Leer.

I feel like Screamo, I’m feeling like screamo, ideally i’m feeling like indie screamo , but best put that to the back of my mind because then i spend a majority of the song thinking whether this alleged ‘indie screamo’ isn’t actually indie and in fact just screamo (do people even say screamo these days? I have no idea), and there’s probably something good about being okay with the fact you’re just listening to screamo (I don’t think people say screamo these days). I say to myself assuredly in my head; ‘that’s okay, man, listening to screamo is fine’ (never gonna say screamo again). Just don’t tell your friends. Don’t tell your friends? Why did I say that? Bye.

This song, And, is particularly good. Stupid joke I just did aside, this song completely blows my mind, a true indicator of ridiculously good musicality! I mean there is a load of screaming, but it’s sandwiched and intersected with an original concoction of what I think we all think makes some types of music good; complete spontaneity, innovative progression from sequence A to sequence B, rhythms bouncing around, transforming, and then this pop-licked  emotional moment where you gather the eggs in your mind and hatch the most positive plan for everything about everything, emotive good appropriate lyrics saying shit you don’t say out loud unless you’re drinking beer and talking to friends about stuff a bit too enthusiastically.

Anyway, Leer do it for me.
Or maybe I do it for Leer, maybe I’m starting to do it for Leer.
Preferences are an illusion of mind?

Yeah forget that, listen this!

(download is name your price)

And i nicked the image at the top from their Facebook.


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