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Efdemin – Acid Bells (Martyn’s Bittersweet Mix)

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It’s mid-week. I’ve done half of the things I want to achieve this week. I’m stressing over the fact I’m stressing. Downloaded approximately 3GB of music so far and can safely say that I’ve overdosed on coffee and cigarettes. Pretty standard (ish).
Looming is a dead good weekend. But how to survive the next couple of days. Well, this song might just do it. My cure for the mid-week pants-ness, well for this week anyway. Strangely not what I expected from a remix by Martyn of Efdemin‘s careful minimal groove. I was expecting some brain crunchingly dark, Burial-esque take on the song (well there is the “Dark mix” too, which has definitely got some balls). Instead, you get this incredibly organic sound. Swells of bells and climbing piano and watery noises and…birds? Yeah, birds. Normally I’d cringe at this point. It is sort of verging on something you might find on the National Geographic Anthems album (not like that exists like, if it did though) but I’m feeling slightly cured of the fact there are still two days left until the weekend. Woo woo.


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