Autoband (album review)

Autoband – Tree

Norwegian Corners; Autoband, Tromsø

Gudmund Østgard has, as Scandivanian electronica outfit Autoband, released to my vision an island of air, an island of fresh cold air that soothes my heart. His air, his air that moves, that is provoked by 10 songs of sound, his air drifts and settles in and around my body, it gets behind my eyes and it eases the strain. Sometimes I haven’t the words for music that really affects me – it’s a symptom of being a human with only fingers and head to express complex things within. I will get vague. This music is like a drift, a constant movement across the sky, Gudmund has here recorded some of the most convincing structures.

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Three songs called Tijuana, Tree, and Rabarbrapai – they all move and start like the witnesses would to a speech, trying to utter how they saw all the splash, all the whirls, the tide rebound, but didn’t see the glacier break off into the water, disturbing, the songs whirl around and dilate, my eyes from the train, onto the fjord. The fuzzing of a witness’ voice, falling away from commotion,  repeating, circulating voice of unaccompanied synthetic noise, peace-ing together. Replication in parts, always fading to a place of still. It’s peace of mind, of water unsettled, yet settling.

Sunbeam and Illusion Remix are touching and beautiful – both featuring vocal of Gudmund’s younger sister, the latter song being a reaction to her own released music – recommended and available here. These two songs are touching. The beautiful endearing movements of Gudmund’s sister fill the grooves of Autoband’s magnificently crafted stanzas; layered-sounding stanzas that instrument the female noise well. Staggering stuff!

Tijuana music video from Autoband on Vimeo.

Rails, Cloud, Ona and Siesta are quality, showing off an artist with innovational technique for combining, manufacturing and manipulating percussion noises. Each one has its own 3D formation, each one brings volume of imagination-stimulants.

But maybe loads of songs do; what probably distinctively attracts me about Autoband and his debut album is that he creates atmospheres and rooms with integrity. In these rooms and atmospheres, he puts wooden dolls with mature and composed looking faces, he makes sensible-sized windows through which he paints beautiful and original places. In my view, few computer-artists on the block are capable of composure and consistency whilst are also able to stagger, to let the listener stumble around his own head until he’s in another place all together.

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