Awake And Walking

I had a dream that your chin slowly sunk down, enlarged, swelled like a bullfrog’s; I dreamt you slowly changed from ‘normal-you’ to ‘disfigured-you’, your chin turned from ‘chin-like’ to a bulging pulsating big sack of fat. And I stared at you as your distorted lump swung from side to side: weighing down your diseased, wrinkled, struggling old face. Your cold eyes. Questioning eyes, struggling eyes reflecting a struggling mind. And I’m fascinated, I’m terrified, I struggle to think, I think, I think in deafening cries, What Are You? How The Fuck Do You Feel When You Wake Up?  It ends slowly, the dream, for it was just a dream. I wake up and I look outside. And I see people walking on concrete in snowy light, I see grey sky, my flatmate comes into my room and asks if I want to go to get breakfast, I look at my phone and reply to a text.

A friend played me this song this last weekend. And it’s stuck. Stuck into my routine of walking around and seeing other people walk around. It’s almost perfect walking music, ‘Deep House’, really deep, down there with the deepest and most “meaningful” of music in your music collection. This song is overwhelmingly calming. The artist is Stimming, a Hamburg-dwelling producer who released this, November Morning (Original Mix), on his Window Shopping EP. Buy the music here.


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