Bathe in the Streetlights

Sometimes everything gets on top of you – it’s something this blog writes about a lot – and you just want to create a fort out of your bedding and cover yourself with it.

I still haven’t discovered a sure-fire way of overcoming these feelings, and so normally have a bath and turn on some quiet, sombre acoustic music. Sometimes it takes a long walk and some 120bmp bouncy house. Sometimes all I need is Franky Ocean.

Bathe In The Streetlights by Bristol based Rosie Rowland  (woof) is very apt for more melancholy times. Her voice wraps itself about you like a Laura Marling – Jose Gonzales sonic-lovechild. Free d/l, yo!

Rosie Rowland – Bathe In The Streetlights

This guy is a genius, have you checked out his verse in Oldie? Give me a Persian rug where the centre looks like Galaga.

Frank Ocean – Oldie


Having members of Reuben and Hold Your Horse Is in your backing band makes you pretty legit, right? Sure does. Here’s Katie Malco.

Katie Malco – Johnny

Bounce Bounce Bounce.

Bam Spacey – Strom

Much love

Tom xx

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