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Send us your music!

Let us know about yourself as an artist, we love the new music we hear on this thing and it’s the least we can do to write about it. Give these a read if you want a couple of tips

  • Give us the option to stream your music, if you have a download link that’s great but if there’s no stream then it probably wont get heard
  • Tell us if you have a gig coming up near us, we love gigs.
  • Do it on Facebook and Twitter. We get way more submissions via e-mail than we do via Facebook so do yourself a favour!
  • Do it by post! Give us a buzz for our postal address. We love packages and if you have made the effort to get on the blog then we will always make sure we help you out.

We do chat about stuff other than music as well. In the last couple of years we have done writing for other sites and blogs, curated live music nights, done a few advertising deals for people looking to buy adspace or SEO links and had a good time doing it all. If in doubt then let us know.

If you are curious about getting on board then give us a word on