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So every so often we like to ask our favourite artists to come up on the blog and write a little something about the incredible album they have just released. While I’m sure no one could ever get tired of our incredible writing style and razor sharp insight into the creative offerings floating around the internet, these features always excite me.

Today we have Belleruche’s Ricky Fabulous talking us through 3 tracks (Stormbird, Afan and 16 Minutes) from their new album, Rollerchain. Absolute pleasure.

A first it was just a little sub bass loop Tim had. I’d just bought my first proper pair of ear plugs after a show in Leeds and on the following Monday was the only person in the studio all day. The studio above were playing some pretty awful generic Balearic House nonsense. It was really starting to get me down so I turned our amps up as loud as they could go, put in my new ear plugs, and sampled some feedback from my guitar. When I played what I’d done to the others, Kathrin immediately thought about using dual vocals that kind of chase each other in spirals like the feedback. I thought this sounded quite cool and that’s how the song got going.


Began as a jam we did in our old basement studio. It was a pretty straight fast guitar song but we felt it was a little generic so we started playing with the drums and changed the chords under the vocal. We used 3 basslines in the harmony to create the chords which is something we have been toying with for a while. For playing this and other songs live Kathrin has learnt how to play bass so we have quite a few songs now with two basses live.


Started in an apartment after a festival in Auckland and finished in a windowless studio in East London. There’s something like 30 versions of this song as we couldn’t get it quite right. Kathrin’s vocals are great but nothing quite did the tone of them justice. One Friday evening DJ Modest (Tim)and I were getting somewhere with beat, but decided to stop and get some food. After that Tim said he was going back to the studio for a little bit. I went out for the night and the next day listened to what he had done with it and was floored by it. He’d sung backing vocals and chopped them to make a synth sound. I’ve known him for about 15 years and never heard him sing, but thought he sounded great. Kathrin came in later that day and she loved it too. We both then made some changes to the arrangement and that was basically the song. It was strange how we kept going round in circles with it for 6 months, and then one day it all fell into place within hours.

Go check out Belleruche and their new album.

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