Belleruche’s New Album Rollerchain

Stormbird – Belleruche

It’s probably going to be a busy weekend on the blog, I’m off for a few days on Monday, there is a bit of learning/reading/writing to do and because of this the only thing I really want to do is make sure this bloglet strides forward.

So this is a little round up of the best album to come through in the past few weeks. We don’t really do album reviews as such on here but I’ve had these 13 latest tracks on repeat pretty solidly for the last week and I can’t stop. It’s ridiculous. I first heard Belleruche play at a gig I was working at a few years ago, all that stuck with me was that they were catchy but without being tacky or anything short of the highest quality. They also had a gorgeous name.

You may have heard the track Stormbird before, it’s a fitting opener for an album which balances the soulful, bluesy rock vibe of a conventional band with bassed out, hip-hop electronica stylings, and the vocals! Yeah this girl can sing. The band are a great package of authenticity, their listed influences and DJ sets are littered with bands and acts I have never heard of and are probably waiting to open my eyes to a whole scene I can only dream of. I’m struggling to write this without imagining the band reading it and rolling their eyes at how clueless I am!

The result is something that occasionally is not dissimilar to Submotion Orchestra, The Knife, Phoenix or even The Beta Band [eyes must have rolled at that sentence]. But the best bits of Rollerchain are when Belleruche pull in on all their different stylings and sounds at the same time. For me, when these guys are at their best, very few bands get close in terms of making music so refreshing, so exciting and addictive. gives you more than a flavour of the music Belleruche have been making thus far in their careers. I advise you get involved asap because when the new album, Rollerchain, drops on May 7th you are probably going to wish you started listening earlier.

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