Belonging to Casio Social Club

Don’t usually post mixes, but then again we don’t usually mix posts. So, given we’re mixing posts, it makes sense to post mixes**. Don’t usually belong gatherings (we organise them), but then again we don’t usually gather belongings. So, given we’re gathering belongings, it makes sense to belong gatherings. I’m belonging big dancey gatherings futuristically: getting down tomorrow tonight. My house is free, hollow and empty – so fill it up, bring your charms. Like this man, Justin [not pictured above]*, who “owns the Nu-Disco label, Mullet Records. Since Mullets’ doors opened in 2008, Justin has signed many a like-minded artist and continues to rip up the Nu-Disco dancefloors as an in-demand Dj”. Casio Social Club is his alias as a DJ/producer.

Inspiring work, Justin, little did you know that one of the many spaces you’d inspire with your upbeat, seamlessly, transitionary, dancing substance would be my headspace on a grey Saturday afternoon, packing my bags and, through the sad mist, dreaming half a light of putting on my own nu-version of a disco night in the place where I unpack my bags. Some combination of black tie and subtle face paint, upside down furniture and mushroom toast, circling the drunk lamplit furore. Deep deep down where everyone’s feeling it; where lurks bass water neath the diaphragm, swooshing a lonesome length of waves. My half-lit tomorrow evening kicks in, that low-water gradually singes up in sultry smokes, handed, levitating to my out-of-reach, and condensing on momentarily warm skins. Bright depressed eyes swimming in dance-moving blues, edges. Nu, right?

Good to hear, good to share – we can all like beetle over to your internet Facebook and be, like, faintly reminded of this Saturday moment in the future, when it’s Tuesdays and it’s totally business as usual.

*[that’s “Runway” photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia 2010]
**For the above mix, J has notified me that a download and tracklisting is coming very soon.

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