[Blog Tapes #3] Side Projects

Monday has swung around, inboxes are starting to fill up again and the phone has already rung about why and when I turn up to work. For those who aren’t buzzing for the start of a new week the bloggers who make up Blog Tapes have put together a new mixtape. This week we host a mix of famous side projects.

Tracklisting below, show it the love.

[Blog Tapes #3] Side Projects. from APocketFullOfSeeds on 8tracks.



Emanon – More Than You Know   

(David @ The SF Critic)

At this point, Emanon is more than just a side-project it’s a distant memory. Emanon was the collaboration of Aloe Blacc and Exile that peaked with their album Waiting Room in 2005. Since, Aloe Blacc has gone on to have a soul career, while Exile has garnered attention for his production for Fashawn and Blu (he also recently did a solo album where he rapped). Word has it a new album is in store, but well that’s just the word–and a year later the “side project” is still just a memory.


CANT – The Edge  

(Chris @ Daily Beatz)

There are more Grizzly Bear side projects than one can count (in fact, I think Grizzly Bear itself technically started out as a Department of Eagles side project?) but one of my favorites has to be CANT, the solo project of Chris Taylor.  He released Dreams Come True last year and I couldn’t get enough of it. Exactly as weird and abstract as I hoped it could be. Which I didn’t really notice until it was playing in the background when some friends were over and I started getting some weird looks. The Edge is one of the less out there tracks but just gets me every time. I think it’s most likely those sexy horns.


Behold the Hurricane – The Horrible Crowes

(Ian @ 1146 Miles)

If you’re at all familiar with the unique voice of The Gaslight
Anthem‘s Brian Fallon, you’ll figure out pretty quickly that The
Horrible Crowes is his side project with friend Ian Perkins. It’s not
much different than The Gaslight Anthem–it is melodic, lyrically-rich
Jersey rock and Behold the Hurricane showcases it pretty well.


Mt. Desolation – Bitter Pill

(Tim @ The Blue Walrus)

Mt. Desolation is the side project of Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quin of The Killers and Keane respectively and for my mind manages to take little from either band and become its own more introverted folk in cowboy boots.


Joe Goddard – Gabriel

(Brandon @ The Burning Ear)

Joe Goddard’s Gabriel EP is only three tracks but when you are dealing with one of the Hot Chip frontmen that’s all that’s needed to lay down some serious song. The guy’s last solo album, Harvest Festival, meandered a bit and didn’t really sink in but this leaner and meaner release is all bite. The title track (above) packs serious punch, weaving Valentina’s epic vocals over an unstoppable beat that steamrolls through my speakers. Much attention has been given to Goddard’s other side project 2 Bears and of course there are new Hot Chip songs, but none of that tops this jam for me.


ceo – Come With Me   

(Marc @ Umstrum)

What would you do if you were one half of a successful and respected pop duo and decided to launch a completely new project? Would you be able to avoid obvious comparisons or would people put you in a box before they even heard your sound? These doubts probably gnawed at Eric Berglund (one half of The Tough Alliance) when he started his side project ceo but he found a solution: he just posted his music on the internet without releasing any other information and the blogosphere promptly started buzzing with rumors and stories. It was later established that Berglund was the man behind the mysterious moniker, but by then ceo had already met with both critical and popular success… on its own merits!

Dr. Gonzo Anthem – Crookers

(Ben @ Metrojolt)

Back in November, Dr. Gonzo mysteriously appeared on the EDM scene. A weird new sound that was strangely familiar.  The mystery didn’t last long, soon after the album was released ex MTV Italy hosts, AKA Crookers, took credit for the side project. I’m hopefully we’ll see more out of Dr. Gonzo, but there is not telling for sure.


I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business – Old Man…

(Frank @ Lost In The Sound)

Ace Enders has already been through so many projects that I have absolutely no idea what he considers his main project. One of his larger (and currently ongoing) projects is I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business, under which he has released three studio albums. The laid-back yet passionate vibe of Ace’s songs make his music incredibly endearing and an enjoyable listen for all.


The Dirtbombs – Don’t Break My Heart

(Marcus – A Pocket Full Of Seeds)

It’s hard to put my love of The Dirtbombs (originally a side-project to The Gories) into words. They were one of the first rock bands that I saw play live, back when I was 15. I remember not having a clue what was going on as I watched the thrashing animal of the man that is Mick Collins beating the shit our of his belt sanded Fender,  flanked by his 2 drummers and 2 bass players (sorry Dingus Khan but it’s been done before) while Everret True led a hand full of rioting fans before me. It sounded good, I bought the records and they have never been put down.


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