Bounding from this house

Beirut – The Rip Tide

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Did you leave the dog locked outside, wagging, confused?
When I went for a walk inside, turned the lights off.
When you would leave the room, inexplicably, and close the door gently behind me.

Contemplation takes us by the shoulders and folds me inwards like a dismantled tent or a sleeping bag. Compactly packed, clustered in a disorderly fashion, unalert.

It takes something beautiful to let me be unraveled, unclustered, lying flat out in the outside. I am confronted by wavesights from the resoundings of my hi-fi player, filling out this empty house, we’re bounding outwards.

new song, new album, Beirut
so, the waves and I found a rolling tide
so, the waves and I found a rip tide
– Zach Condon

Getting back to grips slowly, george

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