Bus Catch

We’re still alive! Currently finishing doing that thing where you’re having to be starting up the engine once more, becoming presently progressive once more. Moving on, moving towards___ something.


My romanticism at the moment is steered in the direction of rain and wet pavements to the town station, lamplit 5 o clock chilly saunters to an cotton-lined evening of radiators and inside-out gloves on the bedroom floor where they were thrown, pink warm hands uncovered. And inside warmth of the carpet-house is trapped by song particles, particles of friendly movement. Music and light-bulbs go together in their uplighting.

Star Slinger is still [if not more] at it, producing and creating loads of music. soundcloud

Enjoyed, previously mentioned once on this upwaking blog, is shuffling, getting ready to play at a sup rising ‘microfestival’ in London (this is bloggy stuff), Seams is also playing there (with his newfound dance based intentions). Paws is the opening track to his one month old EP, Oscar.


Body Language – You Can (Star Slinger Remix)

Enjoyed – Paws


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