Canada Catch

Prizes – Canada

We were out of the airport and bundled to more transport. To greet my sleepy eyes was a long motor-way leading out of the city, towards open country. Calgary seemed slightly deserted, it seemed content and less than energetic to make a fuss about our presence within its boundaries. My one direct experience of Canada was a lovely one, a slightly lonely one. One where those pretty little acoustic songs felt most comforting; it was in Canada that I consciously realised that my appreciation for many lyrical songs stemmed from a true love and affection towards the voices that gave them. Voices were very important company during those 10 days. Everyone went homogenous in form, pasted with snowy white reflections, yet their voices stood out like candles amidst the white self-indulgence that formed like funghi around my head. Candles for company.

Listening to songs alone is significant as an enzyme to further thought, to further exploration into memories and experiences. Time spent using this significance should be moderated depending upon how much you talk to other people.
Canada by Prizes works for me. Great thinker, and it says Canada loads of times.

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