Isabel and George

It is the summer o 16

How’s summer 16’s going so far:

On Wednesday, there is a Jeremy Corbyn clapping rally in Chelmsford
On the weekend is Notting Hill Carnival for the first time
After the weekend on Sunday is Ross From Friends
On the Friday of that week: The Caulfield Beats
See Marcus and his new music company
See a new contemporary art space from our cousin in London
And my sister who is working for Jamie Oliver, with her boyfriend writing about food materiality for SOAS
The friend I was in a band with has gone to live in Colombia with a friend I wasn’t in a band with.

After everything, go back to Leipzig and continue, subjective, Isabel / George
Apparently Bill Baird is in London for a bit as well?!

Working every day on the same projects / earning something at the side; listening to sets on Mixcloud, especially paying note to Ross From Friends, The Caulfield Beats, Bill Baird.. as much and often as possible. Also recommend re-listening to Nathan Fake of 2010 and Passion Pit of 2007.

I & G