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Evening all,

So for anyone who has been glued to the site for the last few minutes (i.e. Just myself and George) you will have noticed the blog flickering between the design you see now and a few other ones. This is because we dont know anyway of coding except the most DIY ways possible (learned from Myspace back in 2005).

But for what we lack in skills, organisation and professionalism we make up for in excitement. In fact we just had our first ever APFOS conference call.

Our much loved blog A Pocket Full Of Seeds will be back up and running in the next day or so. Stay glued to our Twitter and Facebook for news.

So until next time here is the first thing we ever posted on the blog back in January 2010.


Colder, darker, brighter, wider

I’m back on the bus to work these days. Buses in Winter get unpleasantly warm and overcrowded and they bring out the worst in commuters. People transform on buses. People who might be extremely friendly, funny, optimistic and have creatively stocked fridges could sit next to their soulmate-to-be and do nothing except have an imaginary argument with them about the bullshit way they have tied their shoelaces.

Sleeptalking (and indeed anything by Hella Better Dancer) is great Winter music. The reverb drenched fingers on strings, sparsely layered vocal harmonies and the lead guitar which sounds like it’s coming from under North Sea feel just incredibly and fantastically cold. You can picture the breath in the air. But it’s not still, thanks to the flooding but punctuated bassline and the dense cymbal work Sleeptalking moves from a subdued voice in the mist through to something that fills like standing in a wind tunnel unable to hear yourself yell too cold to feel your feet. You can detach. There’s nothing wrong with tying shoelaces that way.

 Go preorder the single on a limited edition 7″ here

Please go see these guys play a gig before they get signed and become one of the must see acts in the UK.





Everything Is Fine


“Faaaaallin’ Faaaaallllin’! There’s no need to hide there’s no need to run”

Comforting / unsettling / worrying / refreshing. I don’t know. There’s something I quite like about bands singing in English who aren’t native speakers.  I mean that in the least colonial way possible, I just like to think that if I tried to write lyrics in a different language that the end result would mean something very different to what I intended and the words would almost take new life of their own. I’m sure this is not what’s happening here but still the potential for lost in translation adds more to the mixed emotions triggered by these lyrics.




Pale – Fearing faces

I’m sitting up in a silent house with my headphones on waiting for my housemate to get back and for the first couple of listens of Pale’s latest track  the distant hi-hats in the right ear that come in about half way through had me double taking for the door and embarrasing amount of times. These guys manage to put together and arrange a track so masterfully, it feels very deliberate. Listening to Fearing Faces (and Two Wrongs for that matter) all the way through is like watching a Tetris wall being built. Each part of the finished product comes in gently, perfectly timed and creates this work of texture, colour and real craft. I saw Pale support Deptford Goth earlier this year and it was a great live discovery, go see them ASAP

Night Flowers – North

People who signal for a bus even though it’s already indicating. People who will move seat on a bus so they don’t have to sit next to anyone. People who swear loudly at other motorists and then act out the hypothetical ensuing argument in their heads for 10 minutes. People who win arguments purely because they are confrontational. People who can’t take criticism. People who are paid to criticise. People who don’t know what they are going to do with their lives. People who have been doing what they are going to do with their lives since the age of 22 with their boyfriend and work mates. People who stress. People who are stress-inducingly calm. People who are famous or successful but have understated Twitter bios. People who will always be their parents children. People who uproot every 6-12 months. People who have a favourite band. People who blog. People who can tell you when the best day of their life was. People who will always be up to date with the latest technology and look ridiculous using it. People who run. People who end up in exactly the same place whichever way they go about it. People who must never sleep.

Spin Me All The Way Round

Pale – Two Wrongs

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