Seeping in

It has been more than 10 months since I last sat and wrote a straight up blog post here. In that time plenty has happened. Certainly enough to make me think that this blog was something for me to run but not power. As ever girlfriends have come and gone, cities have surrounded and departed, I even got a job. I want to put this all down in one master blog post but I fear that shall never happen.

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Blog Sound of 2013 Poll


It is with great delight we and 48 other UK music blogs present to you the Blog Sound of 2013 Poll as organised by Robin and Andy from Breaking More Waves and The Von Pip Musical Express respectively.

This poll was designed as a complimentary alternative to the BBC’s Sound Of Poll, Robin and Andy set out in 2011 to ask the UK music blogosphere for their top 5 emerging artists. This is what they came up with. It’s cool to see acts like Alt-J, Daughter and Lucy Rose on here before they were tipped elsewhere. It’s through polls like this that blogs get a chance to prove they are worth their salt, it’s a real pleasure to be asked to chip in.

This year 49 blogs cast votes for over 170 artists and below are the top 15.  This is a phenomenal list of acts and if you are in need of updating your music radar, then start here. The winners will be announced in the new year.

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Green Man Day 3


Behold the closing installment of the Green Man Festival 2012, courtesy of Festival Editor: Kathleen.

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Green Man Day 2


The second installment of our time at Green Man Festival. Withered Hand, Linton Kwessi Johnson, Van Morrison, Yann Tierson, Tallest Man On Earth, Metronomy. 

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Green Man Day 1


Our resident festival guru, Kathleen has her take on Green Man this year (with the odd interpolation from Marcus)

Green Man marked my first visit to Wales since I was about seven, and even back then we sped past the bilingual signs to go straight to Swansea, in order to catch the ferry to Cork in Ireland. Wales lived up to its rainy reputation on this particular weekend, but the odd burst of sunshine, good food and a tempting line up made it worth the schlep.

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