This time two days summer starts. In my head I imagine the dead flowers on my window coming back to life and my whole room breathing a sigh of relief. My posters will sway in a cool breeze and my head will be full of things that I want, rather than what I need. At the moment though the flowers are turning a still-life purple, my room is distressingly rigid, my posters are mainly falling off the wall, and my head feels like an overcrowded lift.

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Drunk driving on a Wednesday (mixtape especial).

It’s come up to that thesis hand in/revision/exam time of the year, everyone’s stressed and talking about work, and even the weather becomes bi-polar. Every effort to try to get into a routine fails. In the end bed just seems so much more practical and exams will sort themselves out, right? So I’ve made a playlist of songs to get you psyched in the morning. Continue reading