Ob and I

I often get bogged down wondering whether a band is good or not based on technical ability. Then you hear a gem like this. A basic arpeggio and a cut off filter. That’s all. Barely mixed, and beautifully stripped back. And you realise that’s all you need. No tapping, no crazy FX pedals, no shouting (although all those are ace).

This song reminds me of being underwater. Emerging and re-submersing yourself in a summer lake. Plunging in and out and watching the ripples intertwine. Like this: http://www.omni-phantasmic.com/ .

I also think I’m in love with her. Which, y’know, helps.

And if you’re into more bassy music here’s a bootleg remix by someone from the internet aether.

Giselle – Silk (Sertone Remix)

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Another Wu-Tang mash-up, the two marry nicely and manage to transcend the novelty value which limits most mash-ups. You know there’s purple cauliflowers? Absolutely ridiculous.

The whole Wugazi album is still available for download.

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