Cathedrals & Cars (arctic curlew post)

Cathedral & Cars – Feathers

Enjoy the EP, upon which this song is placed, as much as I have. I don’t think you can get it online, but you can stream it on soundcloud. Maybe give them a bell, encourage them to sell it on the net!

This song, Feathers, it reminds me of lifeful, lit-up windows, what they look like from outside, on the cold covered pavements. Good stuff, the weird thing is they’re from Bury St. Edmunds (in England) which is relatively near east Essex, where I live. This song, that might play, makes me think across the sea that washes into the estuaries and think about ‘the other side’, some North Viking land or something. With the trees. Those trees of the North, what did they do? They stood like giants with sad stories of great age and stern swaying days, bearing needles throughout the cold, not changing. One day from the cold sea, in cold air, in some month of summer maybe, there was towards the dark green mass on the hill side, a movement. Off in the distance, the distress of this small seabird looked little on backdrop of the thin heaving needle giants.

Yet, still, the movement was there. The seabird rose and fell, thawed slightly with watchful eyes, the seabird found home somewhere near one certain stern tree and, for the night, attempted a stop to his writhing in the cold air. Over the year, the bird was heartened by the noise of his surroundings; the bird found company in other birds who would also sing in the mornings. His spirits, his little feathers and his voice were severely tested by winter. In the far off distance, lights might have been seen, lights of some bustling northern settlement.

I appreciate this band for creating a beautiful music that knocks forward some really sweet sounding instruments (including solemn lyrics) whilst leaving open space to think, as a listener I feel like I can move around like some sort of seabird of the North. Really great.


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