Cell Dances



After not having the internet for a week I missed out on some wonderful music posted on soundcloud. One musician/producer whose music has fascinated me is Miruga.

Miruga is a producer, DJ and musician from Japan. The track ‘Roots of Tree (Short Edit)’ is a month old, but one of my favourites. ‘Roots of Tree (Short Edit)’ is a wonderful deep house track with that piano, gentle vocal and percussion moving you through the song effortlessly. As Miruga’s tracks uploaded are mostly ‘short edits’, it leaves you wanting more and more. Another track by Miruga that I can’t get enough of is ‘Cell Dances (Short Edit)’. Full of fluttery beats and bass pushing on, I can’t help but sit here and dance along to it while writing this post.

Miruga has previously released on Logos Recordings, and I’m hoping these ‘short edits’ mean that in the near future the full length tracks are going to be released physically or at least digitally. In the meantime though, Miruga doesn’t disappoint, and although uploading new tracks all the time, the quality of each track remains high.


Roots of Tree (Short Edit)


Cell Dances (Short Edit)



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