circling places you’ve been to on maps

4 Norway field recordings blended or imagined (Glittertind) with synthetic drifting sounds, streams, mountains waterfalls. Yeah, okay, go.

Wixel‘s pieces that compile the EP ‘Norway’ (above) were recorded in 2009 upon his expedition to the Scandinavian wilderness, the Arctic Circle. The songs are boring to anyone who is not okay with the idea of becoming temporarily bored. If you welcome boredom, the songs will not be boring. But you can’t truly welcome boredom unless you’re really okay with the songs being boring. That’s the moment I had 15 minutes ago, I was okay with the songs being potentially boring or worse unpleasant, I like to think that’s how I approach all exhibits; free of some burning desire to find the most ‘appealing’ sound waves, the most bloggable bits. Indeed, in this particular circumstance (not, I might add, representative of all others), I almost welcomed something to bore me away from the state of flustered mind I might have had. Now, having listened, I am not bored but faintly stimulated by wondrous expanding soaring harking covering questioning bewildering noises recorded anywhere in the world for all I care, but it’s Norway, and even North Norway, North Norway is somewhere I like in all the romantic ways of the word. Up north etc. Away from the tourist industry, a place to sit still in the pursuit of some truth, a cold water pool, surrounded by young mounts, a young, a youthful headland on the age old water wise old water, fillings fjords, rivers, rock pools.




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