Colder, darker, brighter, wider

I’m back on the bus to work these days. Buses in Winter get unpleasantly warm and overcrowded and they bring out the worst in commuters. People transform on buses. People who might be extremely friendly, funny, optimistic and have creatively stocked fridges could sit next to their soulmate-to-be and do nothing except have an imaginary argument with them about the bullshit way they have tied their shoelaces.

Sleeptalking (and indeed anything by Hella Better Dancer) is great Winter music. The reverb drenched fingers on strings, sparsely layered vocal harmonies and the lead guitar which sounds like it’s coming from under North Sea feel just incredibly and fantastically cold. You can picture the breath in the air. But it’s not still, thanks to the flooding but punctuated bassline and the dense cymbal work Sleeptalking moves from a subdued voice in the mist through to something that fills like standing in a wind tunnel unable to hear yourself yell too cold to feel your feet. You can detach. There’s nothing wrong with tying shoelaces that way.

 Go preorder the single on a limited edition 7″ here

Please go see these guys play a gig before they get signed and become one of the must see acts in the UK.





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