Collected Mist

There’s something weakening around the knees for this: a strong woman’s voice, swooning eery syllables, poured over determinedly reassuring chords, in a dissonance of noise. How can one be convinced of that, without having such an impression regardless:

Alisia Casper is an artist of York in the United Kingdom. She draws powerful pictures, as well as singing several songs. The above, Deaf, is off her 2012 album ‘Chronic’ If you are fulfilled by the finding of genius local artists with hundreds of songs to their name, and doing them the little Like for stimulation, you must, follow this Facebook link, be consistently blown away.


And there’s a soft spot in the heart for this: a voice all eroded with breathe, hastening firm convictions and emotions, scouring upon hastily picked and surging chords, in a flurry, a wash, a transition of noise:

YouYourself&I (the above) hails from Montreal. This song, Dark Dreams, is from an album he did in June 2011, Book of Questions, he has 1 album and 4 EPs since then, all of which bare the same undeniable infinity of lyrical meaning embedded in strings of magic. If you are fulfilled by the finding of beautiful beauty, a true discography, recorded perfectly and cracked as a purchasable cranny on the interweb (not on Facebook), go go go, explore YY&I, your heart will follow.


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