Collective1 and Kanye West

Starting from Wizards Collective Vol. 1

I was a small snap
fucked and now just
a virtue
covered in pins

“But take a look at what I am trying to sell you on, as a fellow parent, when it comes to Kanye West and these kids of ours. He isn’t 100% role model. But he’s got some amazing role model qualities. Sure, even then you might not want to stop hating on Mr. West. It’s just so damn easy.

But then again … who knows? Stranger stuff has happened.

Just hear me out.

1. Kanye inspires people (maybe not you, but still …)

Kanye West, and all Kanye West-types, and by types I mean wildly-talented humans whose own social compasses that may possibly be a bit banged up from so many deep and artsy thoughts pinging off of them for the last 20 years or so: these sorts of artists aren’t meant to be grinning dumbly at you from behind the counter down at the Jiffy Lube or whatever. These are go-getters. They are the rare and much-needed providers of art and entertainment, and for every one of them that you or I say we hate — because they act this way or seem arrogant or whatever — I can absolutely guarantee you there is another one who acts exactly the same and who we are devoted fans of because we dig their records or films or books.”

Moving onto Sum Tapes


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