Concentrated Daydreaming

60 Watt Kid – Take The Pain From Your Heart

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“Anger will twist, twist you.

Fear will shake, shake you.

I’m going to take the pain out of your chest”

Standing on the edge of the bridge, she let the box slip out from her hands. Photos, ticket stubs, letters, everything. In the still, orange street lights and blank night sky this box was yelling in her face about laughs, arguments, sex and pain. Memories threw themselves at her as they sensed imminent extinction, even with the box succumbing to it’s own weight beneath the water a CD covered in marker pen bobbed up in a final bid for existance.

But she had stepped back from paved side, breathless and ankle deep in a puddle, cold water drenching her shoes and vaguely creeping into her consciousness. She hadn’t hidden, just outpaced the memories. Life might go on.

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah July 31, 2010 at 1:25 am . Reply

    I’ve been that girl.

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