Cool It

(P) ower (I) s push through blur, when my eyebrows keel upwards
Pain for what pain is: a chemically reactive porblemtaic conceived within a scribbly circling of footsteps in a same-place
Heads belonging toward the skye
And the dilly-dally  (DR) eaming, periodically, paragraphically, routinely – a monologue clung onto with wispy hairs on their dead-ends
Whispered words are the currency of one head falling down upon soft surface
A moment where the vacuum ceases to whir, green man! Run over again; the tyre marks the all-over-the-place
Dispersed disappeared approval, like the shadow of a signal on endless waves
Fingernails carving caution into sacred tarmac whilst greyish melted seeps through banished skin

Right on, got with it

Head straight

The doubts fall down on a cardboard wound
A short-circuit is what the long-lost isn’t

Got the picture
Framed my daily routine dreams on a wall and called them out
The doubts faded in, the fidget of a thought that saw its feed

Now moving, structure of a structure, air-conditioning on, bright signals on the dashboard
Headlights dim through
Circled soles, hitch’d, noses, hair flying, undrafting powers on the interscape

Take it down a notch and organise the indicated organs organising, count the lucky downbeats of a brain contained, controlled
Entangled legs of the own, alonether, this: some ongoingness and becomingness: flourishing cheeks expressed

Driving into the sleeping fields, the ever-terrains, the night’s’oft’ands

nothing “-in-the-stars”

My laptop’s levelling again
My homeostasis, feigning again

Something framed worked and working

All another song, another busied ear, a mind-throb, all thing’d “-in-our-hearts”

To the sound of a chronology cascading into timeless epics, clean-cut-out distorted clarity, intense of -ancholy, molten movements made graspable for the reactive pulses of clicks and submissions – nothing more

good than this there people-artifact called She So Rad, where the vocals are rounded between songs, between different people; an album to be released this 2015-time, and the window above, name your price on Bandcamp – here.

eyelids on it
don’t lose it


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