Cool Punching

The Mono Polys – You Think You Know It All

Shout out for The Mono Polys. There’s just visible on my eye at the corner of the large convention, to which we all commit, where the gathering goes on until the night and there’s cool things and most importantly weird tribal dances. For me, this tribal dance constitutes itself well within these guys’ songs. The band has cultured construct, if not very cultured (i.e. of a fashion), but in this cool construct you get good consistent rhythm accompanied with some primitive lyrics… they match, they’re oddly down to earth.

People are deterred by other people on a superficial basis, they get itchy feet, people don’t see through the smoke and they dislike each other. This band take surface, and build something engaging out of it, they blow smoke everywhere and from it arise prickling punchy signals. I responded to these signals and so now here I am, writing about all this music they’ve released on an EP called Life.

It’s simple like that… – go download it off bandcamp for £2

Seeing them live at the local arts centre was hugely exhilarating and Tom Knights, the singer, got some good tasty-hearing shit out in the open air with approachable feelings. This video below catches it like his hair catches all the attentions it deserves.

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