Corsica Joy

Hark the line that goes out of sight, the unseen dance that simultaneously initiates in our heads. Hark the line that was left as waves in an otherwise quiet room of whirring minds. You there, relax. I saw Doc Daneeka and French Fries and Slugabed play at Corsica Studios in London a few days ago. Despite knowing who these people were prior, i did not realise they were playing at the club before or during the performance, I was too happy to think.

It was an unexpected happiness. Unexpected joy is the only true joy to exist. The soaring bird, the sudden kiss, the movements of minds, nature, Doc Daneeka, unpredictable. Unexpected joy can only occur with company, to hear your exclamation, to see your wide eyes, down your throat unwittingly revealed. Do not seek joy, seek company. The former exists not without the latter. This night was top, it had everything, even the music.



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