Cuckoo Crops

Aleph – Some Opium in the Wild Tropics

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Carolina decided the time for  her flight from Africa to England had finally come. After arriving, she ventured to give birth in the place where the oak trees made her feel most at home.  After a little perusing, she found the nest of a goldfinch. Here she gave birth. And nestled the newly hatched egg in amongst the goldfinch eggs, seamlessly. Thereafter, she flew back, back to Africa.

A few weeks later, the cuckoo egg hatched. For, apart from anything else, Carolina, the mother of the egg, was a cuckoo. The daughter of Carolina pestered for food from her foster parent, the goldfinch. She pestered day after day until she was a fully grown, well fed cuckoo. She learnt to fly.

And with that, like all english cuckoos do upon learning to fly, without any evidential guidance, let alone a compass, she flew to Africa. And so is the story of the thriving wild animal.

This example highlights a gap in our scientific knowledge; there is no scientific explanation as to the cuckoo’s sixth sense. This gap lives today, 2011, let’s make the most of it. I like this song! Yes.

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