Shigeto – Into The Sun, Out In The Cold

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It’s soothing seeing all huddled unblooming daffodils. Shigeto and all other synthetic artists are the opposite. Shigeto and his songs are underknown, like a cave-dwelling romantic painting clouds on a whiteboard to all the cave-sunglass-wearing lot of us. We, who found him because we looked for someone who would be him rather than him himself. That’s the internet though. The internet doesn’t exist, the daffodils do. I plan on playing this song loudly when I lonesome drive, out somewhere plain where there aren’t other cars or need for seatbelts, it’ll be my own road with odd road signs and tall trees at the side, people will hitchhike along the side of the road, I will pick one up, we will listen to this song loudly and we shall wear face paint and look like the painless children we used to be. The car will drive itself around the world like the sun, over and over and over again. (into the sun, out in the cold).


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