Dancing Digressions

If you like the still pic above for the right reasons, you will like the rock n roll song. Think of it as a genre: Cool Picture Rock.

This is certainly the one, the one that starts your tap footing, then your finger prodding, the eyes move to the side then to the front, you start considering dancing with your eyes, or indeed you get up with the music on full, and mount any object that is mountable, like a table… Of course, I mean ‘mount’ as in get on top of, is there any good word for getting onto and standing on a table? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone ascending a table . Anyway, foot-tapping; you know where you see the videos that are titled ‘THIS WILL MAKE YOU CRY’ and then the reluctant something-inside when you do not only click but actually start getting teary – usually something about people in the army, or people in love, or illnesses or small people squeezing big people’s fingers, or old couples finding a lost wedding ring in a field …I’m digressing, these aren’t even videos with ‘watch this’ in the title, these are just types of youtube videos that have moved me and probably everyone else, revealing some of my private homogenous youtube moments, we all have them somewhere in our memory, there was definitely one video I’ve seen before though that said ‘THIS WILL MAKE YOU CRY’ and I decided to watch it in a sort of zonked out attempt to economise my emotions, (this is all seems really peculiar now I think about it)… anyway, it was quite efficient actually. Back to the tap footing, foot tapping! Maybe the video above is already playing of For One Night Only by King Creosote, uploaded a few weeks ago on Domino Recording Co., and you had the odd experience of reading the above digression, or indeed it is not already playing, whereupon I drop the punch line: this video above is like those videos that say ‘watch this and xyz happens’ where ‘xyz’, I am telling you, is tapping your foot most probably and at the end liking a song and a music video that you hadn’t listened to or seen before. Okay? Was that enough…? This is music blogging right? I’ve still got it?

Go get your head into this music and keep going from there.

Peace and pictures to all,


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