Dark Mean

Dark Mean – Happy Banjo

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Between the hard hitting drums and the flickering jabbering banjo lie the more tender vocals of Dark Mean. Like muscles inbetween a rib cage which is breathing in. Or a budgie inside a cage, gradually growing and learning to fly before the bars fall away leaving a fucking massive budgie flying across canyons.

Dark Mean have just released an album which has taken them 4 years to make. Think back to what you were doing 4 years ago and then try to take in how long that really is. 4 years ago I had dial up internet and had a couple years to go before I left school. Anyway the self titled album is worth the wait, even if you didn’t know you were waiting. Ranging from the London-folksy sounds, that are well suited to those with a taste for the Communion roster, to a more produced, vocal heavy sound which is something which I always associate with the other side of the Atlantic.


Really excellent album to come across which genuinely delivers throughout.

Download the whole thing here


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