Darling and I Grow by Alexandra Stewart

Introducing shoes and bench and Alexandra Stewart. Intra-space-shake-inducing Alexandra Stewart.

Bosh, binoculars on the bedside table and beats for backnots, heartknocks. Gosh. Onwards. Introducing two songs from 2 different releases (moments of), an artist’s name and her band accomplice, hailing across oceans from the brightest sparks of internet… catchin’ my drift?


Bouncing back to post-summer, 2013,

… Darling is a song that, for all its contents and instruments, you would apprehend as a cutescape, itsy plastic cups clasped, full of something directed toward something simple, those electronic flaking lofi indie numbers; affected piano, the drum machine, the oos and the girl’s spritely interjections. And, for all its appearances it does indeed somewhere bear the benefits of this little genre: it sounds fresh and nice and endearing and pocket-sized,  a blush, it’s a 2 minute moment of smile…

But it’s more than that,  it’s wondrous and worthy. It’s a handshake heartshake, cutescape but landscape, expansive, plush and painted upon solemn railway drum-stations, rickety rhythm, not just summery, not just sweet, but also gravity, but awesomely falling leaving, blooming beats sad; those feelings that fly fairies deep in the hollows of stomach tingles, but also down south west where it’s serious and fairly sad. Somehow in two places at the same time; the fluent fort of lyrics & the danced disrupting tempo, the two moment smile all the time a waining-wondering, and working.

I Grow

Fast-forward to the shores of pre-summer, 2014, (if Alexandra Stewart would allow us the juxtaposition…)

… I Grow is instantly standing high tall. It’s a different approach to music, it uses different muscles, it hits considerably more frequencies hard, Alexandra’s voice arises in its sombre actuality, it’s beautiful, its bindings, bound in the tied tight chords so smooth, soft, yet completely unquestionably stuck on the right notes, the right words, the right way to come in and to go out. This voice, this song, it’s upon that next level, that older, that new stonking air-pressure of altitude; it conducts the music and the music billows underneath, upholding, huffing, hitting the heart really really hard. When the drum comes in toward the end, when it all falls walls down, crashing over, I’m marching to heaven with my hiking boots on, I’m walking to my end off a cliff, toward the border to the country I never came upon, my futilities are falling away and flying off behind me, my trail of footsteps are blowing up hurricanes in the dirt, I’m heading towards heart, I’m heartened towards head, I’m, I’m basically slightly flustered and basically troubled for words, breathes, okay breathe,

Oh, goodness my good toes, this song is filling me with —%uuuuu&*^@£%&@k— energy, and it’s impossible not to stop, until the song does so, it leaves, and it all feels a bit difficult. But thank gosh it’s not actually real life, and I can just press play again, and carry on the unfoldingness of feelings and whatnot. All the fluster so steadily sturdily contained in 6 minutes, albeit on repeat; this music is allowing me all kinds of controlled euphoria, controlled respiration, controlled growing, all coming together on the high altitudes.


Apart from these two songs, I am filled with urgency to tell you that the artist updates her Facebook page and if you scroll down this Facebook page, there is all manner of time-swilling buzz of videos and interviews and songs, links to other vital places, and yes, head over, get to know it all and enjoy.

In terms of the very above, Darling is buy at name your own price and I Grow is One American dollar or more.

Leaving you with flowers and painting and Alexandra Stewart, unbelievable ing you with Alexandra Stewart.




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