Dead Red Sun 64/250


Introducing a guest writer to introduce a band and their EP of which there are 250 limited edition CDs.

Dead Red Sun. Intelligent time sequences, phenomenal percussion and intricate guitar paterns make for one hell of an EP. Dead Red Sun consists of 3 young men – Tom, Ollie & Mike. They’ve been playing together for just over one year now, and have gathered a spectacularly large following around the london area. Their sounds consist of a blend of Math-Rock, and progressive with god knows what else thrown in there. They recently played to a packed out audience at their self titled EP launch ran by Clinic. The audience were hypnotised by the bands ability to create such a deep sound with a meer 3 instruments.

Mexico, March 2011

Need there be more recommendation. This music is alive – please go enquire to purchase.

Dead Red Sun – Facility


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