Trips and Falls – This is All Going To End Badly

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So having broken a vertebrae a week and a bit ago things have taken a bit of a dive. Except they haven’t they have had to stay very still for a long time. Basically I can either stand up or lie down, no sitting, for about 3 more months, which is ridiculous.

But enough about me and more about music. I’ve done a fair bit of thinking and brainstorming for a bit but fairly little actual new music listening. What better gift to come home to than the Song, By Toad Records Sampler which is available for free here.

I don’t read music blogs, I find music blogs pretty dull to be honest, but I read Song, By Toad. I find myself coming back to the Edinburgh site so many times for guidance on this blog and for the best music writing around. When Toad started releasing records baby pandas started being born. Inspiring stuff.

I’ve enjoyed quite a few paracetamol fuelled moments of inspiration lately. I spent almost an entire afternoon daydreaming about forming a collective with Willy Mason who is coming to town soon; I researched several web design courses in London after envisioning an extraordinary website that would change music and I put the finishing touches to my hypothetical record label. All these projects plan to come to fruition as I tell my uni that I can’t attend any exams as I am verging on being brain dead and am in critical condition. These moments of wild enthusiasm feel fantastic and it would be nice to come out of this back brace with a new grasp on life.

But for every half hour standing up I need to lie down for 2hrs and having listened to both parents loudly descend into senility at both ends of the house as they try and book the same train ticket online everything has faded slightly. No matter.


As CVs drift off into the ether and domain names are casually sat on indefinitely  it’s nice to think that you can’t ever have too many foundations and while things may never come around, people can still sit down and listen. Except me. I have to lie or stand.


photo from VideoHead


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