Desubmerging lights for dancing sleep: Torkelsen

This is a Norwegian artist whose word is well received here. His new singles Walter and No one who knows, now.

Always has really good snare sounds. Walter graced with woodwind sounds. Sounds of vocal support – somewhere. They have both the elements of my invisible friend’s mind in the morning, racing slow shrug a twitch high fives rub the eyes hold curtly and writing, the tracks are not too fast but have components, like the hi-hat, the intonation and stress upon gregarious melody – something comes through facing the other way, Torkelsen always seems to expose emotion in a kind of popular lively hum of beats and these ones remind me of comforting coloured night-sky; lonely dancing together sounds that are interesting for a sense of reflections rippling in water / thought. As if falling slowly asymptotically toward the ground, wrong decisions aren’t so wrong if they never hit the pan, rush of resting thuds, peaceful enthusiasm, imaginary cups of careful punctuations of maxims, exclamations release – the pressure you put upon yourself, the press of a digit upon the plastic screen, Torkelsen always clicks through the blur. Recommended for rehab and reflection where you pin-point your actions in the institutions of your daily and your empathy.

Combining beautiful arrangements like the memory does to the future, like the tactile disturbance does to distance, like a dirty word exchanges with unstressed indeterminate syllables, this artist has the skill of the social to turn a quiet confusion into quaint compilations of understated positivity.

I’m currently up to my neck in a course and these ones help me desubmerge into a kind of normalised plateau, the recourse of rhythm of sounds/electronics that have something to do with the ongoing realia and objects of the soul / alternative – this artist has always and still remains and will continue to be an adequate representative of that.

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