Freund der Familie is a daylit discovery. In particular, some of their music videos, not to mention also those [videos] of artists’ remixes and reinterpretations of the initally mentioned:

The art of visual story-telling to the tune of pure rhythm; techno is an evasive term, and’s usage somewhat reflects the fashion in which its user is attending to the culture, the image of its object. In this case, the image is most definitely cartoon, folklore, the object is fantastic, intriguing, dark; a low note of niggle, a sombre sweat of human race, dog brain search parties (I’m on/off referring to the video content), pipe-memories, water-logged in buildings, the fresh smear of salt in the air, a faintly mauve cloud in the sky (I’m trying to capture the subtle emotion), (the minimum of appearing sound bubbles, the /techno/, crossed out and shaded in, motionary in more than one dimension).

I mention this as an “art”, because storytelling is a theme of their videos as well as the reinterpretations contributed on behalf of other artists (in this post, Achim and Aera). I am just regurgitating names I am reading. I am just watching and listening and writing it up. Part of the day-to-day, and this day’s discovery is certainly the soft disturbance & lightly eye-catching of music/video relating to Freunde Der Familie. What is more, a slight theme I wanted to linger upon was how, when you experience such a comprehensive over-bearing thing as hard-crafted music to hard-crafted video, in time, it brings home the wonderful journey that is creation, the communal aspects, the spatial expressions – as if the evidence of effort was clearer to see when transplanted into visual, and hence the social impression made on the ‘consumer’ is deeper, basically vivacious. Here, I have stumbled across FDF, but also Achim and Aera (again, these are just names to me right now), and they, as artists, are conjoined subtly between these links, these embedded items, in ways I would not have tendered had it remained purely names on a screen above same old looking streams.

For instance, the starting point is the above upload, Bandcamp.

And, this is, like the story told, the end point; an ending, through the hatch, an idea of another artist, translated once more, transplanted in the eye of the beholder, the subject.

The subject, our object. I’m the internet user and this is some culture. Passing it on, enjoy watching and listening, head over to for more.

It’s there.


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