Disperse White Light

It’s pretty special when my humble silent hobble around the internet, around for music, lights, songs, IS COMPLETELY INTERRUPTED by something far more big sprinting time best than I was expecting, hoping, clawing; when the foot tapping on the floor, turns to my whole, showers my torso with big morning /energy/, i’m rocking strong, the head no longer stationary, moving hard. Every moment has its movement, and I’ve just uncovered that very movement in this music. MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND and her 16th September album THIS IS MY HAND (caps my own). Caps my own! This is my hand / This is my choice/ This is my time…. The list bullets to a point onwards, My Brightest Diamond homes in on where it’s needed, punching out indenting stretching skin shapes, purple shining metallic mould of a heart beating PROPER bass, proper beat, no wonk, no scew, no criss, no cross, just all out, cleared out punching soul, drum and eyes wide, staring convicts, through the big thick black steel bars. A beautiful white light surge opens wide, a voice cradled by love and anger, but alive, hugely. Stealing breathes between I AM A LOVER AND A KILLER…LOVER!…KILLER!….the /synth/ roams around it all in a cloud of deadly perfume smoke, the bars crawled whilst her crescendo stamps, stamps big black boots on the face of the earth, earthly parodies, rolling on, spinning on, the eyes remain, dead straight.

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And I’m back to the first of the three preview songs of this album, Pressure, a song that begins with 23 seconds of unbreaking unstoppable drum roll, crescendoing madly, crazy and surefire to razz up whatever coax you were hobbling before it all began. Back to the beginning, where it all became escalatingly funny, dark comedy of confidence and body did the dance according. I TRY TO DO IT ALRIGHT. Out of breathe and with nowhere to go; don’t listen to this in the office unless the idea of getting up mid-computer and dramatically departing the premises of your day-to-day seems plausible, half-desirable, this music will genuinely tempt you. Same goes for anyone dwelling in the silence of the underground, in the shadow of an empty bag, the futile prison sentences of petty conversation, the fear trees that line the playground boundary, fleeting of break times, high tides, train rush, rendez vous and other countries, any ropes, any anchors, any reasons to be there, not to be there; this music will genuinely take you, free all the construct up, to its primitive pure beginnings… dance moves and beautiful disturbance, rolling to all Sundays. DISPERSE THE WHITE LIGHT. {drum roll cascades upwards once more, crazy} Instant recognition for this outstanding September output – pre-order while you still can. Acquire your soundtrack for no longer reading.

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