These Dreams aren’t Dreams

Platz by seams

A little daffodil coloured package greeted my return yesterday evening and upon it was my name, scrawled. jovially. I ordered some merchandise, partly because the design is fun but mostly because I am a ‘fanatic’ for James Welch’s project, Seams. I am a fanatic for his 2010 ep Tourist awash with ambient german city noises and good reassuring pulsating rhythms. Escapist music is resounding these evenings, or at least I tend to think its escapism until I realise what I want to escape to is in fact the beauty of warm reality with the weekend always there. And the mixture of Berlin pavements beneath sunlit-faces and sunlit-cafes washing to my imagination through James Welch’s produce is in fact realistic – some time in the wide-eyed welcoming future, soon though. Muffled cries of excitement in the hintergrund, we gaze round to acknowledge the commotion, then turn round, take another sip.
The t-shirt is good and so is SeamsPlatz by seams

Carnival by seams

Nachtmusik by seams

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