E.C. Dawson you are a keeper.

I’ve been sitting on this record for a few months now. I wanted to see if the immediate appeal lasted. I wanted to see if the thoughts and images it gave me developed and grew. I felt pretty reluctant to listen, post and move one. I was taken in by the crackling vinyl voice and guitars that are warmer than a garden campfire.

ALpha by  E.C. Dawson sits comfortably aomngst The Tallest Man On Earth , Bon Iver and Willy Mason on my car dashboard in what I like to call the Summer driving section. Sometimes the lyrics take the centre stage sometimes the music, sometimes you find both interlocked, charging or drifting towards you in a few moments of the kind of music that are irresistible.  At least to me.

Simple not not formulaic. Sharp and spontaneous but still reachable and immediate.

Please listen to my favourite tracks of his below. Please go buy the album from the link on the side bar. Please keep an eye on A Pocket Full Of Seeds Presents… for this guy.


E.C. Dawson – Comes So Damn Heavy

E.C. Dawson – Lie low

E.C. Dawson – Love Everlasting


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