Eef, with some covers for october

There are hardly any new male singer-songwriters these days. Perhaps loads are getting released, not many if any are getting through

Eef Barzelay is an exception, here is a sing-songer that still seems to sing songs to a guitar as if it hadn’t been done before. I know this to be true because the most recent release that’s got through is a cover album. I don’t think in the good end of 5 years has this blog ever posted a cover song, perhaps 1 or 2 in the earlier days of the decade. So things are perhaps more strange than usual, covers and all, but that’s okay, Eef is okay, he’s got your back as you press play and stare at the ceiling, well covered, contented. His songs are contented I guess – a big grinning voice, a sadness at the edges I guess, his album “Girls Come First” helped kill me for a while – poor happy listener for a singer so rich in the kind of tangible tactile social capital that a strong voice can never be denied if it resonates the right way, if it gets through. Somehow different, indifferent like the sound of a wise trunk of feeling, standing out in an opaquely breathing forest of not much but beauty right now, accidentally catch your attention, that’s what the new few new singer-songers are doing.

If you don’t believe me, believe the fans who suggested the songs for Eef to cover to compile his album of Fan Chosen Covers 4, the fourth instalment of what must be the sign / signal of someone you might really like soon if you listen up a little.

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